When Is The Best Time To Visit Manu, Peru?


One of the most common questions for anyone planning a Manu jungle trip is when to go. People wonder if there are certain months of the year that are better than others for seeing animals or getting around, if it will rain more during some parts of the year, or if there is a high time for tourism.

Although visitors to Manu have a very good chance of seeing some amazing jungle wildlife no matter when they take their Manu trip, the weather does vary somewhat over the course of the year and it’s important to know what to expect no matter when you travel to southeastern Peru.


These tips will help you figure out the best time for a trip:


  • Is there a wet season and a dry season? Southeastern Peru, Manu National Park included, does indeed have fairly pronounced wet and dry seasons. It can rain any time of the year but there is less precipitation from May until October. The highest amount of rainfall occurs during November and December but there are advantages to visiting during rainy and dry seasons. For example, although the wet season will test your umbrella, you have a better chance of seeing amphibians and it won’t be as hot. The upside of visiting during the dry season is hiking on drier trails and not having to deal with rain, but river travel could be more of a challenge and the weather is hotter.


  • What is the high season for visiting Manu? The high season at Manu coincides with the dry season and is from May until October, especially the months of June, July, and August. It rains less but there might be less availability at some lodges. Seeing animals is best during the early morning and late afternoon with mid-day being a good time to relax in a hammock.


  • When are animals seen the most? There’s no top month for seeing wildlife in Manu and it averages out to about the same no matter which month you visit. In the dry season, you probably won’t get rained out but it will be difficult to see animals during the heat of the day. Likewise, during the wet season, although you might get rained out for part of the day, the cloudy weather will boost animal activity at other times of the day.


We hope this helps you make the best decision for your trip to Manu!