Recommended Vaccinations for an Amazon Peru Tour


Manu National Park is an incredible place to experience and is much safer than most destinations. That said, it’s always best to be prepared and get certain vaccinations to eliminate the possibility of certain diseases.

The best place to start in getting vaccinations for a Manu trip is a health care provider who specializes in travel medicine. He or she will be able to recommend the best vaccinations based on your health care history and should be visited at least a month or more before your Manu tour. Make sure to give the full itinerary, including other countries that will be visited.

Travel to Peru doesn’t require any vaccinations but the following recommendations are provided by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):


  • Yellow Fever: This is probably the most important shot to get because although it is not common, this disease does occur in the Amazon basin, is carried by primates, and is very dangerous. Make sure that you get this shot at least 10 days before the trip. The vaccination is good for 10 years.

  • Typhoid Fever: This disease might not even be present in Manu but it’s a good idea to get vaccinated for it because it can occur in any rural area in South America and is transmitted through food and water.

  • Hepatitus A: A vaccination for this contagious, food or water-borne disease is recommended for anyone traveling to Peru.

  • Hepatitus B: A vaccination for this disease is recommended for all travelers to Peru, and especially people who might be exposed to body fluids or blood via medical care, tattoos, injections, and sexual contact.

  • Rabies: This vaccination is recommended only for those people who will be living in places with a high-risk of exposure, and who will have direct contact with bats, stray animals, and other mammals. This includes researchers, vets, and wildlife professionals.


Get whatever vaccinations are necessary to be fully prepared for your Manu jungle trip!