Manu Peru Trips and Tours

We have three dfferent trips available but custom options are always available.  

These trips will Take a trip to one of the most amazing and remote jungles in the world.


These unique expeditions brings us deep into Manu National Reserve to meet the Matsigenka people, the skilled hunter-gatherers whose heritage dates back 30,000 years.


True adventures in every sense of the word: Journey by boat to remote camps surounded by wildlife while passing through zones inhabited with uncontacted tribes, hike through the rainforest to see giant river otters, trek across the jungle and cross rivers on a trip to discover ancient petroglyphs. These trips are once in a life time experiences for true adventure travlers.

Map of Manu

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Pankotsi and Casa Matsigenka Lodges -$915


Trip Highlights:


  • 7 Days, 6 Nights Total

  • Stay at two different loges: 

  • Trails lead to Cocha Salvador, one of the best known oxbow lakes in Manu where Giant River Otters and other wildlife can be seen

  • Other activities include local archery lessons, and learning about many other aspects of Matsigenka culture as well as guided hikes along trails through beautiful Amazonian rainforest.

  • Short hikes or rides on a small boat can take guests on the waters of the lake for views of endangered Giant Otter, caimans, the bizarre Horned Screamer (a strange, goose-like bird), parrots, macaws, and other wildlife. 



Visit the Heart of Manu National Park in the company of the Matsigenka PeopleManu National Park is a bastion of biodiversity. Literally thousands of plants and animals live in the park’s tropical forests, lakes, and rivers. People also live in and near the park and have done so for centuries.


Most of these people belong to the Matsigenka culture and since they make their home in the rainforests of Manu, they also act as the best hosts to experience the park’s wildlife and culture.


Take this week long itinerary and you will be in for a 7 day/6 night jungle wildlife adventure of a lifetime.

Manu Matsigenka -$480


Trip Highlights: 


  • 4 day, 3 night trip

  • Stay at the Pankotsi Lodge

  • You get to travel through many different features of the Peruvian land and forests

  • Visit an indgeinous community of Matsigenka natives

  • Learn about the jungle from the Matsigenka

  • Combines rainforest, wildlife, cultural activities and lots of interaction with indigenous people. 




An Authentic Manu Experience - The natural and cultural wonders of Manu National Park are best experienced with the help of the people who have lived in and around the rainforests and rivers of the park for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. These people are the Matsigenka and they are ready to share their intimate knowledge of the forest and culture with folks who take this itinerary.


Sign up for the 4 day / 3 night Manu Matsigenka experience and you will see the rainforests, wildlife, and culture of Manu through the eyes of the Matsigenka people.

Matsigenka Adventure - $940 

Note: For these custom trips into Manu National Park permits need to be arranged for

in advance. 


Trip Highlights: 


  • 6 days, 5 night jungle experience

  • Visit Pusharo Lodge and Pankotsi Lodge

  • See the pre-Incan tombs of Ninanmarca as well as the mysterious Pusharo petroglyphs.

  • Drive from the Andean Plains through the cloud forest until finally reaching the low rain forests.   

  • Explore the jungle with the Matsigenka 




Manu National Park is a fantastic, wild area of lowland rainforest, incredible biodiversity, and interesting local cultures. People have actually lived in the area for thousands of years and have left their mark in the form of ancient petroglyphs at Pusharo.


On this 6 day/5 night itinerary, participants will visit those petroglyphs, see jungle wildlife, and learn about Matsigenka culture from the descendents of the people who made the Pusharo rock carvings.