Manu Jungle Lodges - See The Jungle Through The Eyes Of It's People


Always dreamed of getting deep inside one of the world’s greatest and most out-there destinations? You can now.  These tours will take you to one of the world's most interesting places to discover life as it’s lived every day.


Make yourself at home at a rustic lodge in the Amazon jungle – and discover how the locals live with the help of native guides who know the area best.


Matsigenka led amazon travel. This isn't tourism, its amazon adventure travel. Its not just Manu, its a visit to their nation. These trips are for nature loving people who have an interest in experiencing other cultures.

Map Of Manu National Park

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Casa Matsigenka Jungle Lodge


Overview: This community lodge might be 6 hours upriver by boat from the Limonal Ranger Post in Manu National Park, but guests who make the trip will be staying in the heart of one of the wildest, most biodiverse places on Earth!  


  • Community: Casa Matsigenka was set up in the 1990s by the two main Matsigenka communities that reside in Manu National Park with support from a German-based NGO


  • Accommodation: Casa Matsigenka lives up to its name because the guest bungalows are modeled after lodging used by local people. This ecolodge has four bungalows with three double bedrooms in each. Mosquito netting is provided.  A short  walk brings you to showers, sinks, and flush toilets. 


  • Activities: Include local archery lessons, and learning about many other aspects of Matsigenka culture as well as guided hikes along trails through beautiful Amazonian rainforest.


  • Wildlife: A short hikes or rides on a small boat can take guests on the waters of the lake for views of endangered Giant Otter, caimans, the bizarre Horned Screamer (a strange, goose-like bird), parrots, macaws, and other wildlife.  Trails lead to Cocha Salvador, one of the best known oxbow lakes in Manu where Giant River Otters and other wildlife can be seen.



Pankotsi Lodge


Overview: Pankotsi, means House or Home in the Matsigenka language.  The Shipetiari community makes guests feel at home by providing a cozy place to stay, teaching them about their way of life, and showing them some of the secrets of the vast Peruvian jungle they call home.


  • Community: The Pankotsi lodge is located in the native community of Shipetiari in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, in the buffer zone of the Manu National Park.


  • Accommodation: Accommodation at the Pankotsi Lodge includes a stay in one of five bungalows, each of which can lodge up to three people. Each is basic but ventilated and equipped with comfortable beds (singles or doubles) that have mosquito nets, and a private bathroom. A dining area and kitchen are also made available to guests


  • Activities: learning how to make cassava beer, using palm leaves to weave mats, learning how to make arrows and then trying them out with archery practice as well as exploring other aspects of daily Matsigenka life.


  • Wildlife: A set of trails that access the surrounding rainforest can also be hiked and explored to look for monkeys, hundreds of bird species (including huge macaws and flocks of screeching parakeets), bizarre bugs, and many other creatures that live in the incredible rainforests of southeastern Peru. 

Manu Pusharo Lodge

Overview: This community lodge is 2 hours upriver from the confluence of the Palotoa and the Alto Madre de Dios rivers and is an excellent place to experience a blend of archeology, Amazonian wildlife, and Matsigenka culture.


  • Community: Located in the buffer zone of Manu National Park along the Alto Madre de Dios and near the Cerros de Pantiocolla; owned and run by the Matsigenka communities of Palotoa-Teparo.


  • Accommodation: 8 double bedrooms, shared bathrooms, a shared kitchen, dining room that looks out onto the nearby rainforest, and a bar area. Rooms feature mosquito netting, balconies, and solar panels.


  • Activities: Nearby Pusharo petroglyphs are worth a visit. Seriously get out and stretch your legs a bit.  In addition to visiting the petroglyphs, a number of other exciting activities are possible, including wildlife observation and guided hikes through the jungle.


  • Wildlife: A twenty minute walk leads to a clay lick that attracts such mammals as peccaries, deer, tapirs, and monkeys, and such birds as guans and parrots. A short boat ride also takes guests to a small oxbow lake with Hoatzins and chances at seeing a wide variety of bird species and Squirrel Monkeys.